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Eskenazi Health doctor and veteran shares insights on returning to civilian life

Celebrating Veterans Eskenazi Health

Dr. Chris Williams is an Army veteran who serves as the performance and improvement consultant at Eskenazi Health. Dr. Williams retired from the military after serving twenty one years; most of his time in the military was spent in the active Indiana National Guard.

Dr. Williams expressed how the transition from a service member to civilian life is not the easiest task.

“A service member brings with them a lot of leadership experience and talent, however there is a huge civilian gap”.”

Even though many employers are happy to hire a veteran because of their leadership experience, punctual behavior, and ethical qualities, starting at a company with military knowledge is not the same as starting with educational company knowledge.

To manage this difficult transition there are a lot of programs that will help companies bring in veterans. “Specifically for Eskenazi, they started an ERG for Veterans, which is a group specialized for Veterans and people who support Veterans.”

Dr. Williams expressed how it is okay for Veterans to take a step back and relearn civilian skills and a new area of expertise that is not Military related.

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