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Eskenazi Health paramedic Kevin Lloyd shares how being a veteran has impacted his career

Kevin Lloyd Eskenazi Health Celebrating Veterans

Kevin Lloyd is a paramedic working at the Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center. Before starting his career at Eskenazi, Kevin spent years as a combat medic and Military police officer.

“A lot of people believe veterans who have seen combat come back with a lot of trauma in their background, and that is not always the case,” Lloyd said.

Kevin is happy to be in a position to help when veterans come seeking for help after going through trauma or facing a particular situation in life.

“When they come to us it is nice to let them know I am a former vet, and that I am able to understand what they are going through and meet their needs”.

After letting several veterans know that he is a vet, Kevin is able to see the deep breath of relief coming from those seeking help.

Building relationships is important to Kevin. He is able to see people come in at their worst state and leave stable which is such a joy, and makes Kevin love the position he is in to help others.

To learn more about the services Eskenazi Health provides, click here. For more information about veteran services from the state of Indiana click here.