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Hispanic Heritage Month- Scrappers Racing

Hispanic Heritage Month- Drag Racing Clip

Mike Salinas is an NHRA top fuel driver. Mike started collecting scrap metal with his family members back in the 1960’s as a form of work. Mike had a bigger vision for the scraps, which was using them to create unique drag race cars. Mike worked with his two younger daughters and family members to bring this vision to life. In the beginning of Mike’s drag racing career he was the only one racing the cars, but soon more of his family members began to try racing. Many of them, including his two daughters, enjoyed it and became racers, while others decided they would work behind the scenes on the business side of things.

Family is very important to Mike, as he said, “The sport would not be as fun if my family was not there.” As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month it is important to recognize businesses like Scrappers Racing who make family a core value.