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Students at Vision Academy celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Special-Homemade Tamales

Students at Vision Academy recently had the opportunity to try tamales for the very first time in their lives. Tamales are an original Mexican dish made from corn based dough filled with different meats and fillings. Tamales can be made up of pork, chicken, salsa, beans, cheese, etc.

Rise Indy moms made this happen for the students. Ava Clara is one of the moms who prepared the tamales, this is very special to her because she gets to pass on a family tradition.

Bilen Mulgeta, principal at Vision Academy, was very fortunate to receive this opportunity. She said, “It is important to expose children now to different cultures, to set them up for success.” There are many different foods associated with Hispanic Heritage Month, mainly all the dishes are family traditions passed down which is why they are very special.