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Circle City Classic Business and Entrepreneur Day Showcases the Energy of Black Business in Indiana

Central Indiana, specifically Indianapolis, is often seen as the center of the Midwest. Its diverse economy has led to steady job and economic growth. However, Black Businesses have benefited unequally from this recent trend.

We are at a critical moment where public awareness and industry momentum are coming together to create a more resilient economy by supporting Black businesses across industries and geographies. Black Americans are the third-largest racial or ethnic group in the U.S., making up just over 12% of the population. But less than 3% of all businesses are Black-owned.

Due to the heightened awareness and some support from the Government, State, Philanthropy, and corporations, we have seen some growth in Black Business startups and development.

Even though we are nowhere near the environment we need, Indianapolis is surpassing most cities in America.

The IBE Circle City Classic Black Entrepreneur Day, in partnership with InnoPower, have created an environment to showcase the energy in Indiana around creating an environment that supports the Startup, growth, and Sustainability of Black Businesses. The event will recognize various organizations in the ecosystems and business owners in these three main areas.

WISH-TV is proud to be the official media partner of the Circle City Classic Business and Entrepreneur Day! The event is happening on September 23 in partnership with InnoPower LLC (InnoPower Indy).