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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) -- On this week's edition of Community Link, we discussed the growth of the Latino community in Indianapolis and how some struggle with language and cultural barriers.

Director of International and Latino Affairs for the city of Indianapolis Jordan Rodriguez joined our set to discuss.

What exactly does your office do?

Represent the Latino and International community in the mayor's office. I advocate upon their behalf for the different issues and needs they face everyday. I would say I'm the amplifier of the voice of the community to make sure their needs are taken care of.

What kind of services does the Commission on Latino Affairs offer the community?

The Latino Advisory Council of the mayor serves to both advise myself in the work that I'm doing and advise the mayor regarding all Latino issues. That group basically tackles all the issues facing the community and advises the mayor and myself how we cans serve better. 

Do you offer bilingual services?

We do. We're doing the best we can not only supporting the Latino community by making sure that all city agencies have a bilingual representation.

How can regular citizens get in touch with your office and what kind of issues can they bring?

I'm happy to receive emails, I contact people as best as I can. I get all sorts of questions and I'm happy to be as much help as I can be. 

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