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Community Link: Governor Holcomb

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) -- On this week's edition of Community Link, we sat down with Governor Eric Holcomb.

Tell us about your major initiatives. Why are they important and what outcomes do you hope to see with them?

Well first let me say Alex Hailey once said find the good and praise it so I'll give a lot of praise or appreciation to our team we have a great team including you and I'll just say that because of that teamwork and the plan that we have in place we're focused on I always say p-i-e pie like a slice of Indiana pie, our people, our infrastructure and our economy. and doing everything that we can so that folks have an opportunity to determine whatever their destiny they want it to be. 

What other challenges have you seen and what is your administration doing to make them better?

That's the central question and that's what keeps me up at night. Making sure we're doing all we can and have programs in place to help folks come off the sidelines and to help folks break the cycle they find themselves in. We think about those Hoosiers who are incarcerated, those without a high school diploma, those who started college and quit, those with disability and those struggling with addiction. Those with disability, but who'd like to work, I'm laser focused on how to skill up our workforce because we know that with the technology, the jobs will be different in ten years, so we're focused that learning process. 

What's different today about the Hate Crimes Law?

It's about equality and making sure it doesn't get off track and people don't start criminalizing thought.

Why has diversity and inclusion been so important to you?

I think maybe because how I was raised. Maybe it's where and who I lived with. I've always had friends who looked different than me. I've always enjoyed that. And when you serve in the Navy you actually live in the barracks with someone with a completely different background than you. That's what Indiana is by the way and it makes us stronger so that tapestry out there that is all woven together is a beautiful piece of artistry when you stand by and look at all that Indiana has to offer.

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