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Community Link: Hope Magazine

Community Link: Hope Magazine

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each week on Community Link, Carolene Mays takes a look at an organization or business that is making a positive impact on the community.

This week, Mays was joined by Angelina White Stone, founder of Hope Magazine.

Stone started Hope Magazine to share stories of hope with women in Indiana. The magazine began as a newsletter received by what Stone says was a “faith-based community” of 50 to 100 women. “It was (sent) to be able to empower and inspire (the community),” Stone said.

She says to continue to inspire the community, she put American gospel singer CeCe Winans on the cover, and suddenly, 100 newsletters turned into 7,500 overnight.

Stone also shares with Mays what the word “hope” means to her.

“Hope means a belief into believing oneself and to know that there’s endless possibilities,” she said. “That’s what I needed (when starting the magazine). I was thinking it was to be for 50 to 100 women, but it was really something that I needed for myself, just to believe in and know that anything was possible.”

Stone says that women often seek other things to validate themselves, which has inspired her to share stories of hope to “allow women know they’re incredible.”

She later explains to Mays what makes Hope Magazine different from other women’s magazines.

“Hope allows women to step into their awesomeness and to show how beautiful they are and to be able to share that they have this incredible story. So, we give them that opportunity to let loose and allow whatever you’re feeling, however, wherever you are in your season of life, we give you that space,” she said.

To learn more about Hope Magazine, watch the full interview above.