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Meet James Fahrenkamp, Boys & Girls Club Director

James Fahrenkamp:IYS

James Fahrenkamp is the Boys and Girls Club Director for Foundation For Youth in Columbus, Indiana. James and his team believe providing kids a safe place to go after school is essential.

“It is an environment where kids can come in and be themselves, they don’t have to worry about criticism, feedback on who they are, they can express themselves, they can also give feedback within each other and we help with those conflict resolutions with kids and each other,” he said.

James hopes to bridge the gap of playtime, because he said not a lot of kids get enough anymore. James realized playtime resources were essential because in his childhood he didn’t have access to those resources, and if he had the opportunity he would have excelled quicker as a young adult.

James hopes to continue giving children access to as much resources as he can because they are the future, he said.