WISH Patrol helps introduce girl with hearing loss to world of sounds

WISH Patrol

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — For nearly four years, Katy Angrick had never heard the voice of her own daughter. Hearing loss had made Kacy nonverbal and left Katy searching for answers.

“We first found out at the hospital,” said Katy Angrick. “She failed her hearing test twice. They tell you not to worry, but you’re going to.”

Doctors first told the family hearing aids would do the trick. But year after year, Kacy wasn’t advancing. From one doctor to the next, one opinion to another, still no progress.

“As a parent, you don’t want to be devastated, but you are in a way, because you just want your baby to be perfect,” said Katy.

At the age when most toddlers would be rambling nonstop, Kacy was silent. Locked in her own world, the Angricks realized Kacy had gone deaf.

“It’s like you don’t even know your daughter because you don’t know what she’s thinking,” said Katy.

At perhaps their lowest point, hope shone in. The family was introduced to Hear Indiana, a nonprofit that has spent the last three decades working for equal opportunities for children with hearing loss.

It didn’t take long before Kacy was approved as a candidate for cochlear implants, a small electronic device implanted into a patient’s head, which provides them with a sense of sound. The device was turned on April 16 and Kacy began to hear. Overnight, Katy started to get her daughter back.

“To really have her, you know say, ‘mom,’ and ‘hi’ and ‘goodbye’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘please.’ It was wonderful to finally hear that voice, and that’s what you always wanted to hear — was just her voice,” said Katy.

But the surgery was expensive and routine hourlong trips to therapy were taking a toll. So, the WISH Patrol decided to pay a visit during one of Kacy’s therapy sessions at Hear Indiana to help celebrate her newfound gift.

Kacy and her family were nominated for the WISH Patrol by Naomi Horton, executive director of Hear Indiana.

“The Angricks have had a pretty long journey getting here and getting Kacy her implants,” said Horton. “They’ve had lots of therapy appointments here both for audiology and speech, but they’ve been driving to school, and I know how much it’s taken for their family to get her where she needs to be.”

Thanks to several generous donations by local businesses, the WISH Patrol surprised Kacy and her family with:

  • Family membership to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
  • Family membership to the Indianapolis Zoo
  • $500 gas gift card to Speedway

In the months since receiving her implants, Kacy has made tremendous progress. She will be starting at a new school soon. Her family says they are thrilled she will finally be considered a kindergartner.

Is there someone you think is deserving of a WISH Patrol surprise? Nominate them! You can also nominate by sending an email to wishpatrol@wishtv.com or by calling 317-956-8528.

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