Diya TV

Diya TV is broadcast over-the-air in Indianapolis and can be received with any typical antenna. As always, an outdoors antenna mounted above the roof line is best.

However, depending on where you live, some indoor antennas also provide excellent results. Our broadcast tower is in the northwest part of Indy, near 79th Street and Michigan Road.

Diya TV is on channel 8 VHF and channel 26 UHF. Look for channel 8.4 or 26.4. If you get the other channels and not Diya TV, rescan your TV. Look on your TV remote control. Typically, the MENU button will give you a choice of items.

Look for terms like “settings” or “antenna” or “auto program” or auto scan or “channel set-up.” Make sure you select “Air” to scan and not “Cable.” It will take several minutes to complete the scan.

Once this is done, Diya TV will be in the lineup. For more info, click here.