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Dancing science teacher gets kids excited about STEM

May Golden Apple winner revealed

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — WISH-TV celebrates extraordinary teachers in central Indiana with the WISH-TV Golden Apple Award. It comes with a trophy, a school supply shopping spree to Teachers’ Treasures, and a surprise visit from the News 8 team with help from the Marion County Public Health Department.

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This month’s Golden Apple Award winner is Mr. David Edison. He’s a science teacher in Wayne Township who uses throwback dances and songs to relate to his students.

At Bridgeport Elementary School, Mr. Edison’s dance moves help build a bridge for sixth grade students who will soon move on to middle school.

“Mr. Edison is a responsible role model. He is excellent in teaching and ways that are different to other teachers,” 12-year-old Devon Green said.

“He’s a good teacher. His personality is impressive. He likes teaching and he is smart,” 12-year-old Sebastian Valdes Pena said.

“He lets us listen to music. He’s really fun. He is very relatable. I would say he is one of the most relatable teachers I have had,” said 12-year-old Olivia Hicks.

Fellow teachers say Mr. Edison’s relatable style sticks with students.

“He’s really fun. He makes the lessons really hands-on. He goes out of his way, makes it more fun, I think, than it’s supposed to be on paper. He dances, he sings to his kids, and it’s really awesome to see (him) build up that relationship with those kids,” Miguel Isol, a fourth-grade teacher, said.

Colleagues say Mr. Edison turns sixth-grade science and math into memorable experiments.

“I think it brings the learning to life for the kids. It really just lets them see what he’s teaching in real life,” Isol said.

He also helps with STEM competitions, is an assistant with the after-school running club, and runs the 4-H Club. But he’s most well-known by these students for his relatable style and love of 90s music.

“He’s that kind of guy who can teach well, he can relate well. He does so many things well. And I’m just so proud of him,” Principal Alicia Harris said.

Mr. Edison grew up in the Wayne Township school district. He’s constantly at events supporting students and staff, volunteering his time, and cheering people on.

“He stands out as unique, as bright-eyed, and as someone who actually loves the job, he loves to be here. It’s not a nine-to-five for him. He works from sunup to sundown. He impacts our community in ways that just, it shines to me. And I wanted to make sure that he was recognized for his efforts.”

That’s why she sent News 8 a nomination for the WISH-TV Golden Apple Award.

So, along with Mr. Edison’s fiancé, a first grade teacher at the school, News 8 Daybreak anchor Hanna Mordoh, and the News 8 team went to surprise him.

Mr. David Edison (middle, with sign) the May 2024 Golden Apple Award winner, is seen with his students and News 8 Daybreak anchor Hanna Mordoh upon receiving his award. (WISH Photo)

“I have no, I have no words. I have no idea what to say. I’m totally caught off guard,” Mr. Edison said during the surprise.

After watching the video from his students, Mr. Edison said, “I had no idea that everybody felt that way. All those wonderful things you said, I had no idea that that was so commonly felt amongst the school.”

When asked how he connects so well with his students, Mr. Edison responded, “I try to stay current in what’s going on in their lives. What their interests are and what they do after school. And even if I don’t totally understand some of their vernacular or vocabulary that they use, if I make that effort, I think they see that. And, maybe, that’s it.”

Mr. Edison tells News 8 that he loved every minute of growing up in Wayne Township and going to school there. Now, he loves every minute of teaching.

“It’s them (students). Seeing their growth when they make the next step. Whether it’s maturity or on paper, on a test, just seeing them grow is really, really cool,” said Mr. Edison.

Growth is the basis for education. Teaching students how to take the next step, sometimes even dance, and helping them cross that bridge to lifelong learning.

On Wednesday, June 12, at 6:30 p.m. watch the Golden Apple Grand Finale Special on WISH-TV. All nine winning teachers from this school year will be in the News 8 studio for the special and one will be crowned the grand finale winner.

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