Each year, teachers spend an average of $500 to $1,000 of their own money on school supplies. They do this to support the many children of all ages who attend classes without the most basic school supplies.

Teachers’ Treasures aims to reduce the burden on teachers by providing the supplies they need to help their students learn.

Teachers’ Treasures was founded in 2000 by retired Indianapolis Public Schools principal Phyllis Imel who wanted to keep helping at-risk children in the community.

Today, educators at more than 200 schools in Marion County can shop for school supplies at no cost to them. Teachers are eligible if they teach at a school where 60 percent or more of the student population is on the free or reduced lunch program. Teachers must also pay a nominal membership fee.

Held August 1, the drive will collect much needed school supply items such as copy paper, notebook paper, and pencils to benefit Teachers’ Treasures. Area businesses are encouraged to sign up now and begin collecting supplies.

Sign up your company or place of employment for the Gr8 Paper Push. Collection boxes are available by request.

Email: paperpush@wishtv.com


For a list of needed items, click here.

For more information on Teachers’ Treasures, click here.

The Gr8 Paper Push is generously supported by: