Gr8 Comeback

‘Gr8 Comeback’: 317 Juicery

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Salma Qaddourah is on a mission to make it easy to be healthy in the city of Indianapolis. For a little more than a year, she’s been using two pounds of organic fruits and vegetables squeezed into a 16-ounce bottle to make it happen.

When she founded her business, 317 Juicery, she wanted to target the person who’s always on the go.

“I just really wanted people to have a convenient way to access health,” she said. “We’re all young professionals, we’re busy and I realized after juicing at home, it’s not practical.”

Qaddourah wants people to look at 317 Juicery as a healthy lifestyle brand. Once customers get on board on the website, they can have access to other beneficial health routines.

The juices come in five flavors: Beet Delight, Pure Greens, Sweet Greens, Carrot Bliss and Watermelon Joy.

317 Juicery is also offering free delivery to your home with a purchase.

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