Gr8 Comeback

‘Gr8 Comeback’: Ares Elite Sports Vision

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Dr. Joseph LaPlaca has always had a passion for three things: “Sports, eyes and tech,” he said.

As an eye specialist with a love for sports, his company tries to help central Indiana athletes sharpen their eyesight and gain a competitive edge.

“I played sports my entire life and there’s a connection between vision, what you’re able to do and your athleticism,” he said.

LaPlaca believed that with his company, Ares Elite Sports Vision, he could fill a gap.

“In optometry school, there was no focus on sports and vision and the combination between the two,” he said.

In some cases, he saw vision issues as the difference between an athlete being good and great. “Athletes are probably one of the most underserved populations from a vision standpoint because they think, ‘I’ve gotten to this point without having my vision checked.'”

However, LaPlaca believes that because athletes are constantly asking their bodies to react faster and quicker than the average person, they should be getting their vision checked at least every six months. In his office, he combines his expertise with some of the latest technology to train your eyes to have what he calls “elite” vision.

After launching the company in 2018, he’s already got clients on the youth, college and pro levels in central Indiana; most notably the Indy Eleven and the Butler University baseball team.

LaPlaca is always in search of new ways to answer the same question: “How do we make good kids better and better kids great?”

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