Gr8 Comeback

‘Gr8 Comeback’: Books & Brews

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — “Read. Drink. Converse” is the motto at Books & Brews.

“Our mission here is to create a place for people without a place,” said Jason Wuerfel, owner of Books & Brews. “It’s about having that place, bringing people together, disconnecting from technology and connecting with each other. Whether it’s reading, drinking or conversing whether it’s board games or music or anything in between the big mission is just to get people together and connect them.”

Wuerfel says they make those connections with books and beer and then they throw in board games, music, trivia and other forms of live entertainment.

“We have such a loyal and dedicated base of people that come here and support each other let alone the business that it’s been really touching,” he said.

Wuerfel says community support has been what’s been keeping the business going.