Gr8 Comeback

‘Gr8 Comeback’: Chamber 465 helping future, present business owners find blueprint to success

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Chamber 465 is a cohort dedicated to helping businesses succeed all over the city of Indianapolis, even people within its own organization.

Willie Eaton and Amanda Brown, the chamber and office managers, are just two of those people helping themselves while helping others.

“I’m a business owner myself and being a young business owner just starting my business I didn’t know much,” Eaton said. “Coming here let me know that I needed an LLC, that I needed a business plan, that I need marketing [and] anything that entails building a business. They helped me learn, so I wanted to help other people learn the same things.”

Brown says, as a future business owner, the chamber has helped her create her own blueprint for success and knowledge she’s also eager to share. “Naturally I’m a helper, so I want to help others properly structure their business and get everything running properly,” she said. “This community is perfect for it. You can come down here and have meetings, interviews, everything, so we want you guys here.”

As incentive to draw more businesses in to take advantage of the chamber’s resources, Eaton says they are offering their space to newcomers for free.

“If you want to be a part of Chamber 465, come join us,” Eaton said.

  • Location: 202 E. Market St.