Gr8 Comeback

‘GR8 Comeback’: Chef Oya’s The TRAP seafood stops carryout, sells sauce

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Chef Oya’s The TRAP is a small local seafood place on the near east side of Indianapolis that’s been getting some buzz around town.

The owner, Chef Oya Woodruff, says the name TRAP stands for Towards Restoring Food Access to the People. However, it’s the sauce on the food that may get even more attention than the food it actually comes served with.

“TRAP Butter is a blend of butter, seasonings and spices that we put together to put, specifically, on our seafood,” Woodruff said. “It was so good (and) people loved it so much we decided to bottle it.”

Because of their small staff, Woodruff decided to shut down their carryout operations at the restaurant, 3355 N Keystone Ave., and focus all of their energy on selling the sauce. She says as a result, their sales went up 40%. “We aren’t open for carryout simply because we’ve been so busy making our bottles and shipping them,” Woodruff said.

The sauce is available in five flavors: OG Garlic Herb, Island Curry, Sweet Thai Chili, Yaad Jerk and Vegan Citrus Chive.

The chef recommends that first-timers try the OG Garlic Herb. “I would have to say try that one because it’s the original and the most popular,” she said.