Gr8 Comeback

‘Gr8 Comeback:’ City Dogs Grocery

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WISH)– For the last couple years, City Dogs Grocery has called Speedway home.

It’s one of three locations for the local pet supply store that’s been named one of the best in Indianapolis multiple times.

“The town, the small businesses, everyone was very welcoming and excited to have something for the dogs,” owner Christi Rider said. “There’s so many dogs here in the area and the neighborhood.”

As a former nurse, Rider says they focus on giving pets healthy and unique food choices you might not find in bigger stores. Many of the treats are also made by local suppliers and with the Indy 500 just around the corner with fans attending, they look forward to getting support from all over.

“We love seeing the people [from] out of town,” Rider said. “They want to stop in and get their furry kiddo at home a little souvenir, so they’ll get them a little treat or a bandana or something just to take home.”

She says even though getting through the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult, what’s happened as a result gives her hope for Speedway’s businesses.

“I think we’re seeing the positive now,” Rider said. “Everyone kind of growing and getting back to where we were. I think that people now realize how important it is to support small and local to keep that in the community.”