Gr8 Comeback

‘Gr8 Comeback’: F45 Training reopened for gym-goers in downtown Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Alex McKinley feels grateful to welcome people back to her gym at F45 Training in downtown Indianapolis after being shut down because of COVID-19.

“I’m doing so great now that we’re open,” McKinley said. “It feels good. It feels really great having everybody back in the gym and seeing them again.”

She says, even though they were still able to help train their clients online, nothing beats that in-person interaction.

“There’s a difference between doing a virtual membership online with people and seeing them through screens versus being able to tangibly see people getting the work in, encouraging them, fixing them with form and getting them a little bit closer,” she said.

Because of the coronavirus, the trainers and the clients both, are paying extra attention to details when it comes to sanitation. During sessions, you constantly see people wiping down the gear being used for each exercise.

Meanwhile, McKinley says people will endure those extra steps to come to F45 for a certain type of fitness experience.

“The ‘F’ in F45 stands for functional training, so you might see some sledge hammers, you might see some bear crawls, some battle ropes, box jumps, [and] it really changes on a day-to-day basis,” she said. “I think that’s what really helps us differentiate us between other gyms. You’re going to be doing things that definitely translate into everyday life.”

You can learn more online at and on Facebook.

Location: 435 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203