Gr8 Comeback

‘Gr8 Comeback’: Former tennis pro battles back from pandemic job loss to author book

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– Jennifer Magley has seen a fair share of success throughout her life. She accomplished the feat of becoming a professional athlete, NCAA Division I coach and later found a calling as a motivational speaker. She has even become an author.

Magley says it was failure, though, that gave her the push she needed to write her second book titled “How to Be Queen.”

“I was laid off from the pandemic,” she said. “I had my dream job, I lost it and 84 days later I find myself jobless and I think what’s next? I felt very much alone.”

While she battled her way out of a tough spot, she wanted to find a way to help other women to unlock the power to navigate their careers.

“My journey is one where I have failed endlessly,” Magley said. “I wanted to be a professional athlete. I did it, but didn’t accomplish what I wanted. I’ve been divorced and have had to start my life over.”

Magley drew more inspiration for the book from a classic fable.

“[How to Be Queen] is a retelling of the “Tortoise and the Hare” to spotlight self leadership and gaslighting in the workplace,” Magley said.

Through the short fictional tale, Magley is trying to reach people who feel “stuck” in the workplace and reinforcing confidence in their identities. Magley says, in her book, she takes a different spin on the fable’s famous phrase “slow and steady wins the race.”

“Don’t let other people determine your race,” she said. “Regardless of where a queen is or how her kingdom, or queendom, is going she’s still a queen; whether she’s in the gallows or she’s at the top of the tower.”

Magley is proud to release the book during Women’s History Month. Click HERE to purchase How to Be Queen on Amazon.