Gr8 Comeback

‘Gr8 Comeback’: Fyzical Therapy owner rehabs injuries with advanced tech, positive messages

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– Eileen Burns says when the first thing she wants people to hear when they call her physical therapy clinic is: “How can we help you love your life?”

It’s the atmosphere she wants new patients to walk into at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers-Oaklandon. The clinic focuses on a holistic approach to helping patients recover from injury.

“We don’t just look at one body part,” Burns said. “We look at the whole body.”

First she zeroes in on the problem, then she and her team focus on building confidence with every wall in the office feeding patients words of positivity. It’s a small clinic, but with the help of some high-powered technology, they are able to get a lot accomplished.

The clinic has machines that can assess how pain from your injury has affected your body’s balance and when you’re ready they bring you to the gym to make you stronger.

That’s where the center’s “medical-based fitness” comes in. It’s a program that runs, in big part, through Burns’ husband, Tom.

When Tom isn’t helping manage the business side of the clinic, he’s helping the Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers’ dual purpose. He’s been coaching some of their clients to be competitively fit through Spartan Training.

Affectionately acknowledging his wife as “the boss,” he still gets excited about what she’s accomplishing with rehab.

“I’ve literally seen people go from ‘I doubt you can do much, but I’ll give you a shot just to see’ to where they feel better,” he said. “That’s pretty awesome. I really got to see the impact she had on a lot of people.”

Now the dream is getting bigger and Eileen is looking to expand the practice into a larger location. Meanwhile, she’s still driven by the same goal: “To help you reach that pinnacle of healthy life.”

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