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‘Gr8 Comeback’: Halo Concierge

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– James Payne remembers the conversation that changed his life and started his business, now known as Halo Concierge.

“I got a call from a co-worker and he forgot his anniversary and asked if I could assist with putting something together for him and his wife,” he said. “He asked what I charge [and] I said, ‘I’ve never done anything like this so why don’t we come to an agreement of we’ll take the look on your wife’s face and that expression, whatever that is, in a return investment to you is what we’ll pay.’”

That’s how his concierge service was born and with the help of the Indianapolis Colts, his reputation started to grow around the city.

“[They] were the very first customer, out the gate, 13 years ago,” Payne said. He started becoming known for being able to provide Colts fans with a one of a kind game day experience. Payne also got to connect with the players using not only his hospitality but through additional services like etiquette training.

He wants people’s first impression to be that he doesn’t run your average travel service.

“They ask us about the transportation and we say ‘no we don’t do transportation,’” he said. “We provide experiences by way of transportation.”

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has presented some unique challenges, Payne says his team was able to pivot and cater to people through non-contact services.

After being called on to work with teams during the 2021 NCAA men’s basketball tournament, he’s back looking ahead as fans prepare to return to the Indianapolis 500. For the first time, Halo Concierge will have its own suite that’s a part of the event. While the business continues to reach new heights in the hospitality industry, he doesn’t forget about the ones that helped him along the way.

“A lot of people opened doors for me to get here and where we’re getting ready to go,” Payne said.

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