Gr8 Comeback

‘Gr8 Comeback’: Peak Fitness

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– It’s a place that’s been voted best gym in Indianapolis seven times in its 30-year history. 

Head trainer Casey Szink says whether you enjoy the old-school or new-school styles of working out, Peak Fitness has something for you.

“It’s where the old school meets the new school,” Szink said. “We got the old-school iron. We got all the barbells and everything you could possibly need for that, and dumbells all the way up to 130 pounds, but the new school, the new tech-like power racks and fancy stuff like that.”

Gr8 Comeback reporter Randall Newsome tried one of the newest workout machines: the belt squat. Watch the video to see how he did.

Szink, who’s been training people for three years talks about his passion for fitness. “Just watching people completely transform their lives for the better, it’s just been so inspiring just for me to keep going as well so that’s what keeps me going.”

If you come to Peak Fitness and mention the “Gr8 Comeback,” you can get a discount membership. Go online for details.


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