Gr8 Comeback

Gr8 Comeback: Semper Car Detailing

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– Jason Hardy’s passion for a part-time job cleaning out cars has turned into his full time business. All it took was for a group of customers to give him a little encouragement.

“I got about 20 to 25 customers up in Geist [and] Hamilton County area that said ‘hey, man if you go full time with it we’ll support you’ so throught a little prayer I said you know what let me get this ball rolling,” Hardy said.

That’s when Semper Car Detailing LLC. was born. Now he serves more than 1200 customers.

“I tell people I’m not going to just show up with a bucket, a Lysol can and a bucket of towels,” he said. As a full service mobile car detailer, Hardy brings dozens of tools with him to wherever you are.

“One thing we don’t have enough of is time and so, with me being primarily mobile, I take all the time that you would normally have to take the car to a dealership or detailing shop,” he said. “I’m bringing everything with me.”

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