Gr8 Comeback

‘GR8 Comeback’: Soupremacy feeding the front lines and encouraging people to sponsor a soup

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– Soupremacy restaurant and cafe has been making an impression on people in downtown Indianapolis for six years.

Fans on their Facebook Page describe their freshly made soups using words like “excellent” and “delicious” while saying things like “fantastic” to describe their customer service.

The COVID-19 crisis, however, has challenged the small soup shop to change the way they do things. According to restaurant manager, Danielle Cooney, the restaurant was used to doing most business inside the shop before the pandemic hit.

“We’ve had to completely change our business model,” she said. “We started bringing soup to people instead. We do multiple frozen soup deliveries every month and multiple family meal deals every week.”

Soupremacy now has a new family meal deal which features one of its soups along with a family-sized salad and dinner rolls. Cooney says they will deliver to your door if you live in Marion County as well as the doughnut counties in the surrounding area.

While switching up their strategy to serve customers, they also found time to think about people who are fighting for the public, against COVID-19, with their “Feeding the Frontlines” initiative and serving the community with another campaign they call “Sponsor a Soup.”

Call in to order from Soupremacy at 317-423-0780 or click HERE to order online.

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