Gr8 Comeback

‘Gr8 Comeback’: Tandoor & Tikka

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — When Himan Garg started his Tandoor & Tikka restaurant, his goal was to try and redefine how Hoosiers dined in Indian-style cuisine. Facing the coronavirus pandemic, however, has forced him to redefine how he runs his business.

In their modern Indian eatery’s three locations throughout Indianapolis, they allow people to build their own entrees. Customers have choices between foods like flatbread pizza, pannini grilled sandwiches and rice bowls.

“You can taste test every single curry before you pick which one you like,” Garg said. “We have a variety of spice levels and we try to soothe every taste bud we can.”

He and his wife have had to work long hours to keep things running smoothly and, like many restaurants, adjust the menu options implement new safety rules for all of their guests.

Garg says the pandemic has actually been “a blessing in disguise” for his modern Indian eatery, causing him and his staff to make adjustments that could help the business be successful in the long term.

“We’ve become leaner, we’ve become meaner and we’re going to get through this even better and stronger,” he said.

Garg said that as an Indiana University grad who’s lived in Indianapolis his entire life, the community’s continued support is appreciated.

“Local businesses need it the most at this point,” he said. “We appreciate every one of you guys coming in, that continue to support us as we all navigate through this uncharted territory.”

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