Gr8 Comeback

‘Gr8 Comeback’: Wii Move 4 U

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — When Fred Harris got into the moving business, he was working for a company right out of college.

“I’d seen their process and how they were making good money. I learned from them, gained experience and I went to start my own,” Harris said.

After launching his company Wii Move 4 U in South Bend, he brought the business to Indianapolis. With the COVID-19 pandemic, though, a business like many others that deal with people in person, has been facing challenges.

“A lot of people don’t want contact or to see people so it’s been tough,” he said.

In the mean time, he wants potential movers to know that the company slogan “We Go the Distance” means no matter where you’re going, in or out of town, they can get you there with your safety in mind and for a price that can compete with anyone around.

“We pack, we unload, we offer internal moves, a little bit of everything  to help everybody out during this tough time,” he said.

Harris and Wii Move 4 U can be reached at 317-200-0753.