Hispanic Heritage Month

The Pueblo chile, a unique source of heat

(KXRM) – In Southern Colorado, Hispanic heritage is diverse and rich in traditions. One element that is keeping those traditions alive through generations is the rare Pueblo Chile.

The Pueblo Chile dates back to 1910 in the Oaxaca region of Mexico and has made its way into Southern Colorado, where it has embodied itself as an everyday way of life.

It is grown in the quaint town of Rocky Ford, just 57 miles East of Pueblo, Colorado. When the weather is warm, Southern Colorado locals and visitors can find the Pueblo Chile at markets throughout Colorado.
Dr. Michael Bartolo, the man who instituted the Pueblo Chile, first discovered it upon finding a bag of seeds his uncle left after passing.
Bartolo then decided to plant the seeds, and after several years, in 1994, the chile began to take on a life of its own.

It’s spicy nature, and unique taste has allowed many cultures to come together as one in an everyday form – cooking. Today, it is a staple in culinary traditions and continues to be a proud connection for every Southern Coloradan.