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3 Easy Style Hacks Learned From TikTok

TikTok is more than just dance routines – Lifestyle Expert Natalie Sexton says she’s learned SO many hacks from food to makeup and hair tips to style hacks! Let’s talk fashion today – Here are some of her faves as a fashion stylist that anyone can do to refresh their wardrobe and shop their closet this month!

1.) Crop a sweater – Tuck a chunky sweater up into a layered sports bra to crop it! OR use a skinny belt at your waist – Perfect over any dress to “winterize it!” Love this over a silky slip dress in winter!

2.) Keep your blazer sleeves up! Something as simple as rubber bands are a stylist’s best friend! It can also be used for several other purposes in your everyday wear, like keeping your pesky BF blazer sleeves up!

3.) Oversized Belt Hack! Who else hates that extra belt flap that is always flipping and flopping away – use an elastic hairband the same colour as the belt to secure the flap in place!

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