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3 Expert tips to travel light this spring

3 Expert Tips to Travel Light this Spring

Disclaimer: This story from March 11, 2020 has been republished after replaying on March 27, 2020’s show.

Baggage! That’s what we’re looking to escape this Spring with that first warm weather vacation on the horizon.

Sometimes it feels a little easier to drop the mental baggage than it does to drop the material baggage when we vacate!

No matter where you’re traveling this Spring, these 3 expert tips from Brandie Price, Makeup Artist & Image Consultant will help you maintain carry-on status. Less is truly more when you travel light this Spring.

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Tip #1: PLAN

Choosing to travel is a conscious decision and requires a little more thought on the front end when you’re just getting started! Get out a sheet of paper, a pen, or your iPad and start dreaming of what you’d like the big takeaway from your vacation to be all about. Are you craving adventure, relaxation, family memories, or solitude? How many days will you be away? What activities would you like to take part in? How will the weather be? Do you want the overall feeling to be more casual or more dressy? 

Tip #2: PICK

Use your plan to pick no more than 5 to 7 clothing items that can be used in a variety of outfits. Utilizing separates is a good rule of thumb, although there are many travel friendly dresses and jumpsuits available. Use the upcoming forecast to help you fine tune your selection and pick pieces that you feel amazing in. Be aware that the items you travel in will also be available to wear again once you have arrived to your destination. If you stick with a similar color theme and overall feeling this will make your shoe choices that much easier! A good rule of thumb is to wear one pair and pack the other! 

Tip #3: PACK

Use packing cases to help you organize all of your clothing, toiletries and necessities. This will help you find your items quickly and keep you organized along the way. Trouble packing your toiletries? Try using travel sized products or use foil sampling packets of your favorite skin care and hair care products. Another expert tip — pack a small amount of laundry detergent to wash items mid week should the need arise.

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