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3 Insider tips for planning your Fall photo shoot

If you’re longing for a family photo session before it gets too cold outside, Brandie Price, Image Consultant, has some great ideas to help you plan your outfits. Here’s more from her:

The crisp, cool Fall breeze and the warm and inviting hues of amber and gold has got me in a pure bliss. There is no doubt that family photo season, is in full session a little bit earlier this year. I could literally smell the apple cider with a distinct hint of freshly fallen leaves strolling through Tuttle’s Orchard yesterday. This is my favorite time of year.

And studies would show, that Fall is most likely your favorite season as well. What better way to capture the season than a Fall photography mini session? I know we’ve already got ours booked, and I could not be more excited about the location.

To help get you started planning outfits, I have pulled three of my best television industry secrets. This is truly insider information, that you can easily apply to make sure you capture everything about the season, and this stage of life for your family. Even through this year has been a little bonkers, I promise that you will want to remember it.

Industry Secret #1: Consider Your Background

Consider the backdrop.  Will the background of your images include warm Fall coloring, or will the trees still have quite a bit of green in them?  This will help you determine what color palette will pop, rather than blending into the background.  You want your family to shine in this moment, so make sure we can see you.  I love the use of neutrals on this image. See how the cream really pops off of the primarily green background?

Industry Secret #2: Picking a Color Palette.

Behind the scenes we call this a color loop. Think of it as a circle that needs to be connected.  

If a color is present one of your kiddos outfits, then it needs to be present in an additional location to balance out the photo.  See how the little girls top has a nice pop of color, that is also present in her big brother’s plaid shirt. The idea is that you don’t want any outlying colors, this will draw the eye around the photo, allowing the viewer to see your entire family, instead of being drawn to one item that is out of place.

Industry Secret #3: Capture the Moment

This is probably my favorite secret! You want to be able to look back at these photos 20 years from now, and vividly remember your family in this season. To do that, you need to be real in this moment. So if your daughter wants to wear the pink unicorn dress…maybe let her, for at least a few photos, then make a quick swap! But look at this moment. Do you see how the kids are lovingly looking at their parents? They are comfortable, relaxed and engaged. That is what will be remembered decades later.

Brandie Price is an award winning celebrity makeup artist and on-camera image consultant. To get more on-camera tips and Fall photo tips go to her website.

Follow her @brandiepriceimage on Instagram.

Images are provided by Shutter Up Buttercup Indy Photo.


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