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3 puppy potty training tips you must know

When it comes to potty training your puppy, there are a few key tips you want to keep in mind, and Nathan Lowe, the Indy Dog Whisperer, joined us to share those today.

1. Monitor Water Intake (0-5 months)

     – Take pup out IMMEDIATELY after they eat or drink indoors

     – Water can be unmonitored outdoors, but should be supervised indoors

2.  Recognize Signs of “Urgency”

     – Sniffing in circles (nose to the ground)

     – Whining and pacing

3.  Take Your Puppy Out Properly

     – Take out on leash (try not to carry them)

     – No interaction with pup until they urinate/defecate – than play with them IMMEDIATELY!

     – Sit calmly and don’t verbally “encourage” them to go (no distractions)

4.  Other Considerations

     – Very young puppies urinate FREQUENTLY

     – NEVER let your pup wander out of sight (playpen or tether)

     – Puppies soon recognize the scent of their urine and feces as their “brand” and will return repeatedly to strengthen their scent

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