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3 Simple strategies to achieve new goals daily

For some, your motivation may not be as high as usual, but don’t let that stop you from achieving success. Hannah Ison joined us today with three new strategies to help you achieve new goals every day.

Learn how to master the art of focusing:

“Where our focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins

What are you going to regret when quarantine is over? This is a season of growth and change. When you look back at this time what are you going to regret? What are you going to be proud of?

If you’re struggling to get things done with your business or have too many things to do here’s one way to have massive success. 

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Your goal is to have three big needle movers that will bring the most success to your day.

How to find your three things:

Write down everything in your head that you need to do. Could be anything from eating dinner to mowing the grass, to finishing that paper. 

Now scribble out everything that is not important to get done this week. 

Next, cross out anything that is not a priority to be done today (or tomorrow if you’re planning for the next day). Can that grass go one more day, so you can focus on the test that’s due tonight?

Now remove everything you normally do in your day. The stuff that you’re going to do anyway. 

Your list should be pretty small by now. 

I want you to pick the three things that will make you feel most successful if you finish it today. Write them on a new piece of paper or on the other side of your page. 

The cool thing about this is you have a short list to do and when it’s done you can decide if you want to do more or take the rest of the day to relax. 

Connect with Hannah at and on Instagram: @GivingHopeWithHannah. If you use this method, tag her on Instagram.

Video Credit: Isaac Debuhr, Instagram: @IndySavvyPlus