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3 Steps to take if you’re not sure college is right for you

If you’re on the fence about going to college (or you’re the parent of a teen), Lindsay Boccardo, generational consultant and millennial career coach has three steps you can take to get more clarity. Here’s more from her:

I’m excited to talk about this today because I changed my major like 5 times! And we are in the middle of a generational shift – a perspective shift around the purpose and value of higher education. With the average amount of college debt hovering around $40,000, it’s no wonder that students and parents are taking a step back and really considering if college is the best path.

1. Follow your curiosity

Be honest with yourself about what you love learning about. If there’s a degree program that sounds interesting, look at the classes required for the degree. If those classes don’t interest you, it’s going to be a rough four years! If you don’t like the classes now, the chances are that you won’t be excited to continue to grow in that area after you graduate.

2. Shadow someone (yes, as a teenager) in fields that pique your interest.

Just because a job sounds cool, doesn’t mean you’ll actually enjoy it. Coding for a tech start up may sound amazing, but go and watch the day to day activity of someone who codes. If you don’t like the day to day work, you won’t care how cool the title is.

3. Check the culture of an institution.

Every college has a different feel, carries different values. Some are more researched based, some are liberal arts colleges, some are religious, and even public and private schools have different cultures. Figure out what feels good to you and matches your values.

If traditional book learning isn’t you’re thing, there are plenty of very well paying jobs in the trades. You may be able to learn on the job and go to school at the same time, too. You can make money quicker and not have school debt hanging over you with jobs like: Plumber, Electrician, HVAC technician, Welder.

Your career is a commitment to keep learning and giving back in a direction that interests you. The learning never changes, and there are plenty of ways to do it!

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