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5 Confidence wins to help you MASTER the video camera this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will look a little bit different for all of us this year. We still want to make the most of it for our families, and taking photos is a great way to make everyone still feel a part of the celebration.

Many of us will be hosting family via Zoom or FaceTime this year, and I want to make sure that you are comfortable and confident with turning the Video feature on. No need to shy away from the camera lens this holiday season with a few quick confidence wins you can master in no time!

OCC Tip #1

Wear something that you feel like a Million Bucks in. Research shows that when we feel like a Million Bucks we walk and interact with more confidence. Now, I am not saying comfortable like pajamas—But amazing like that new sweater you found on the Early Black Friday Sale at Anthropologie for $20

OCC Tip #2

Spend a little time getting ready in the morning. Make sure to go through your entire daily skin care routine, and apply the amount of makeup that you feel comfortable with. If you prefer a full face on the holidays- Go For It! If you prefer something a little more simple, that is perfectly ok too! Pick your favorite hairstyle for the day, and wear that proudly as you go about the days activities.

OCC Tip #3

If you tend to struggle with being in front of the camera, plan a mini photo booth—Something fun that you can do with your kids. We have these at birthday parties to help get everyone in a picture and it works like a charm. Set up a fun background with tinsel or tissue streamers and get a themed photo booth prop set from Target or Amazon that you can use every year. Makes a wonderful collection to look back on over the years.

OCC Tip #4

Lighting is key, but don’t overthink it! If you can, use a natural light source, but if your event is after 5PM you will need to rely on another source of light. If you have a ring light or light panel, now is the great time to use that. If not, make sure that you have the main light source in front of you. Too much lighting behind you and you will be a blurry silhouette.

OCC Tip #5

If you want to really boost your On-Camera Confidence, Join my On Camera Confidence For Women Facebook Group where I go live each week or Download the 21 Days to On Camera Confidence Checklist at

Brandie Price is an On-Camera Image Consultant for Television and Film, and an Award-Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist. You can find more about On-Camera Confidence at