5 things to ask yourself to make sure you have incredible food at your wedding

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The appetizer, the main course, the dessert. Yum!

When it comes to your wedding, you want to have the best food possible. So how do you go about making it happen? What questions should you ask yourself? 

Executive Chef Brett Lewis, Catering by Jonathan Byrd’s and 502 East Event Centre, teams up with Wedding Specialist Taylor Leavell, 502 East Event Centre, to share the answers! 

Tip 1 – Know Your Venue
•    Many venues have exclusive caterers like 502 East Event Centre is an exclusive partner with Catering by Jonathan Byrd’s. If that’s the case, you can usually save big on room fees when you use the exclusive caterer
•    Caterers can also provide bar service at certain locations. If your wedding is in your backyard, we can build a bar 
•    If your venue does not have a catering list, you can always ask for Catering by Jonathan Byrd’s. 

Tip 2- Know Your Guest Count
•    On Average 10-20% of your guests will RSVP no
•    Some caterers have a minimum amount you must spend on food for your event. So be sure to ask about that
•    How many kids are at your wedding? Caterers usually have special prices for kids and kids shouldn’t be factored into your bar pricing

Tip 3 – Buffet or Plated Dinner
•    Usually a buffet costs less than a plated dinner because less service is involved
•    Stations – Chef attended stations are fun to interact with the chef and guests like to give input as to what goes on the plate
•    Also consider if you want to have a cocktail hour or late-night snacks. Having stationed appetizers will cost less than butler passed, and everyone can pick and choose what they want.

5 things to ask yourself to make sure you have incredible food at your wedding

Tip 4 – Any Custom Requests
•    We ask our couples: “What are your favorite foods?” first meal together doesn’t have to be fancy for the sake of fancy. If your favorite food is pizza or tacos – there’s nothing that says you can’t have pizza or tacos at your wedding
•    If you or any of your guests have dietary restrictions – let your caterer know. We can customize plates based on tastes or dietary restrictions so everyone enjoys dinner

Tip 5 – Know your budget
•    Food doesn’t have to be the most expensive item in your wedding planning budget, but if you have a high guest count, or want to have cocktail hour, late-night snacks, and extra desserts your catering bill will add up fast
•    Let your caterer know your food budget and they will work with you to design a menu that you and all your guests will enjoy without having to sacrifice on other details for your big day. 

For more tips for wedding planning visit: jonathanbyrds.com/blog or www.502east.com 


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