6 exercises you can do at home right now

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Get fit in the New Year with simple workouts you can do at home!

Jennifer Magley, owner of Open Gym Indy, & Anna Newcomb, owner & founder of Studio RE, highlight six exercises that can be done any time of the day, such as while watching “Indy Style!” (Thanks to Kelle Hennessee, “star client” of Studio RE, for demonstrating these exercises!)

Focus: Warm-up 

What: Plank set: High plank hold 30 sec, 10 moving planks, forearm plank hold 30 sec

Why: The point of the warm up it to get the muscles warm and limber to prevent injury. The plank is the quickest way to get all muscles warm!

Focus: Seat

What: snapshot of our synchronized swim (laying down seat work)

Why: Focus on the two major and one minor glute muscles in the seat work. Fatiguing, then toning, these muscles not only helps with a toned seat but also helps strengthen back and hamstring muscles.

Focus: Triceps

What: standing, hinged forward posterior deltoid lift and tricep toning

Why: Triceps are a muscles that rarely get used in every day life, so it’s a hard area to keep toned, particularly for women. But nonetheless, you need to keep a focus on it for healthy, strong arms.

Focus: Balance / Core

What: Reverse extended long leg lift to lunge

Why: Balance is the 2nd leading cause for death as people age. It’s very important to increase a sense of balance and core in every day life.

Focus: Abs

What: high C curve set

Why: In the modified high C (stay in a neutral spine and use support to keep in great form), focus on both the transverse abdominus and just as importantly, obliques. This core strengthening exercise works on spinal flexion and rotation, but primary functions of everyday movements.

Focus: Thighs / legs

What: Extended long long lift and parallel thighs

Why: Leg/thigh exercises quickly fatigue all muscles in the leg and then start toning. Clients will find their legs become sculpted over time, not bulky, since they use small movements and body weight to tone.

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