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A Dog’s Life (after quarantine)– The Indy Dog Whisperer shares how dog owners can help their furry friends adjust

Being “cooped up” during COVID can mean big changes for pets now that their human owners are going back to work. Here’s The Indy Dog Whisperer’s Nathan Lowe with tips to help:

  1. What a Dog Needs (quarantine or not!)
    • mental stimulation (socialization, investigation)
    • physical stimulation (activity sufficient to cause physical fatigue)
  2. Dogs Will Be Left Alone More Now
    • a bored dog can become destructive
    • an often-kenneled dog can become anxious or shut down dogs are a pack animal and struggle when alone
  3. Ways to Help Your Dog Cope
    • doggy daycare (mental and physical stimulation)
    • acquiring a second dog
    • as little kennel time as possible (hire a dog
      walking service)


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