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A guide for blended families

Angela Vassallo, author of “The Second Wives Guide” offers tips for blended families.

I decided to write the book because I was a second wife and a step mum…and I just realized there was a change in the family dynamic over the last decade.”

Stay the Course!

“Take the higher road, let go of the past, bite your tongue, water under the bridge, have empathy, move forward, forgive and forget, stay the course. If you’re the second wife or part of a blended family, you definitely would be familiar with these sayings. These become part of your vocabulary that you may not even be aware of. But, you should be, because these are the sayings that are going to get you through. Annoying as that may be, it’s not all doom and gloom. I do believe it can be one little line or word, like one of these, that can create an enormous mind shift for you. It can change your perception and how you see things when it comes to your blended family.”

“Many years ago I read a poem by Linda Ellis called ‘The Dash’. I have never forgotten it’s powerful advice. ” The Dash” is all about the dash between the line of the day you were born and the day you died; for example, 14/10/1967 – 21/04/1999. The dash between those dates is your life! How do you want the dash to represent you? How do you want to be remembered in that dash? The dash is everything about you on this earth, the life you’ve lived, the person you’ve become, the legacy you’ve created, and everything else in between. The dash is the most important thing in your life.

After traveling overseas with my blended family in the last month, I know we have filled that dash with many amazing memories. How are you filling that dash in your life. It doesn’t have to be huge like traveling, it can be as simple as spending time with your stepchildren. Watching a movie together, going to the park, cooking in the kitchen together. The things that matter in life often turn out to be the small things.”

“Decide this year to make a change for the better in your blended family. Focus on creating moments that fill that dash with joy and harmony and a smile. Let go of the past of who said what or did that, or made you feel like this. Focus on filling that dash with as many positive experiences as you can, and look at your life as a big amazing adventure!”

“Stay the course, don’t give up, things will eventually sort themselves out, Try not to take everything so personally and don’t lose yourself in all of it. With more and more blended families being formed every day, there is more awareness. The stigma is breaking down, more people are talking about it, and are leading the way. The advice and support is all around us, we only need to put that advice into action. Write your own story and create your own family. Only you know what you want out of 2015, set your goals, write them down and believe you can achieve them. I am truly grateful to have this platform to write and help and inspire second wives and step mums everywhere. This is my passion and desire, to see as many blended families create happiness and harmony in their lives.”

“Keep going and stay the course, and always remember – You are Second to None!!!”

Angela Vassallo – The Second Wives’ Guide xxx

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Angela Vassallo is an established businesswoman who has been a second wife and stepmother within a harmonious blended family for over a decade. Having studied under personal development experts Wayne Dyer, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jim Maxwell and Louise Hay, Angela has dedicated herself to sharing her knowledge and personal experiences in the hopes of helping as many second wives find their personal peace, and keep a sense of themselves.