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A Lesson in Prairie Dogs from Silly Safaris

Silly Safaris Is SERIOUS About Education! And on today’s Indy Style, we get a lesson that’s all about Prairie Dogs (and an Opossum).

Amazon John shares some knowledge that kids often learn in school programs and beyond!

About Silly Safaris: (as told by Amazon John)

We offer a variety of Life Science Curriculum and other enrichment programs for all grade levels and any situation for both Public & Non-public schools. Educational school programs are the bulk of our business and the schools that have us tend to have us back!

As an education service company, we have made science curriculum our priority. Working with teachers over the years has taught us what works with their programs and what fits the needs of educators. This has led us to believe these topics presented by grade level are the best fit for the life science curriculum standards for most states.

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So What Makes Us Different?
• We’re a high-energy, interactive, and educational theatrical live animal performance

• We are the LARGEST provider of conservation education in the Midwest. Our DISTINCTION is ACCELERATED LEARNING

• We use interactive play to increase the retention of all the content we cram into a typical 45 minute show

• Since 1997, we have served educators and now we have over 100 DIFFERENT ANIMALS in support of Indiana State Academic Standards

• Great Value compared to other enrichment providers

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