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Affordable electronics for school

Leave it to a pandemic to upend yet another American tradition: Back-to-school shopping. Oh, it’s still happening. It just looks different than say — every mad-dash parent scramble for school supplies over the last century. It comes with a higher price tag and critical shortages too.

Nationally Syndicated Tech-life Columnist Jennifer Jolly joins us live – with some inside scoop for parents to get what they need at prices they can afford.

1. Go Chrome(books) at Home:

Chromebooks can offer everything most students – especially K-8 need – for a fraction of the cost: like this $300 128-Gigabyte Lenovo Chromebook Duet —
• Super fast – boots up in less than ten seconds –
• Kids can use it as a tablet or laptop – with this detachable keyboard you can take anywhere
• There are plenty of these in stock AND for sale at Best Buy right now

2. Smart Add-Ons

• Another great trick? Add an affordable fix to what you already with a super zippy, ultra portable hardrive — this is perfect digital locker for homework and other school assignments. It’s a great way to add storage for a Chromebook and move files between shared devices too … 500 Gig = @120 – 1Terabyte = $190.

3 – Get the Inside Scoop
Sign up to get the first alerts from stores: For Best Buy – signup for the Student Deals program – and get exclusive offers on tons of back-to-school tech must-have’s … Also — check out their Parent Hub – this is the first time they’ve done anything like this — and I actually like it — it’s full of useful tips and resources to help with distance learning and overall household tech management. Services like NowInStock and zooLert can help you track products at several outlets at once, including stores that don’t offer alerts on their own.

4: Big shopping seasons like “Back to School” — and very soon Holiday Shopping – are notorious for payment pitfalls – retailers offering 0% interest

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