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Affordable wardrobe basics for 2019

One of the top New Years Resolutions is always saving money. With that in mind, the crew at Denim & Honey Boutique is showinhg us some basic, stylish clothing options that are affordable AND will last all year long- even after you have given up on your New Year's Resolutions!

Emily Robbins and Heather Miller of Denim & Honey Boutique say being stylish doesn't have to cost you the bank! When you choose fabulous staple pieces, you can continue to wear them all year long.

Each of the pieces seen today are less than $50, and they have something for everyone!!

1. For the classic dresser: Right now it's chilly and layers are always a good idea!! Why not layer a basic look that will be great in warm weather with a timeless jacket that is a super flattering layering piece?

Here is a cute jumpsuit that can be dressed up or dressed down. It can be worn alone in warm weather, too! (Think fun days/nights out with friends, a casual wedding, or even a dinner date with your significant other! You can never go wrong with a great jumpsuit!) The timeless green jacket makes the perfect statement and it can also be worn with other looks in the cold months! 

2. For the sporty/adventurous dresser: Everything always comes back around! Our stylish throwback of the 80s windbreaker is going to be perfect all year! You can wear the cute zip up jacket now with jeans, pair with the matching shorts for spring and fall when it is a little chilly out, and rock the shorts with a tank in the summer! This is also perfect for all of the trips to the gym to workout and meet those resolutions! 

3. For the trendy dresser: The trouser look is hot! We have these stylish forest green trouser pants that can be dressed up or dressed down and worn all year long! Pair with a cute sweater or top and jacket for the cold weather and pair with a cute black tank or crop top in the warmer months! The pants look great with heels or with slides/mules so no matter your style this is a look you can rock and feel great wearing all year long! 

4. For the more eccentric dresser: A fun, stylish patterned piece is a must-have!! This cute, full skirt is so fabulous to wear right now with tights, booties, and a sweater or jacket!! Once it warms up outside the skirt is perfect with a dainty tank!

Honey-- Another huge new year resolution is to eat and be healthy! A great way to be healthier is to use honey! We have the yummiest honey you will find and it is a FABULOUS option while cooking! All of our honeys are pure honey with NO yucky additives or unnecessary sugars! Try our savory honey while cooking in the kitchen, grilling and smoking meats for March Madness, summer BBQs, and football season! Don't forget our sweet honey when baking, making s'mores, topping ice cream, and sweetening drinks! 

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