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All-Purpose Daily Cleaner to keep you and your family safe

It’s your easy, go-to solution to clean, disinfect, and protect your family and home. MicroGold All-Purpose kills 99.9% of bacteria including cold & flu viruses, AND it kills the virus that causes Covid-19 on hard non-porous surfaces in 30 seconds!

Here’s Lou Manfredini, Host of HouseSmarts Television & Radio, to tell us more:

  1. Clean & Disinfectant Your Home’s Hard, Non-Porous Surfaces
  • Effective for daily use, the All-Purpose Cleaner cuts through tough grime and is bleach free
  • MicroGold® All-Purpose Cleaner kills the virus that causes COVID-19 on hard non-porous surfaces in 30 seconds!
  • It’s the fastest-acting solution when it comes to killing the virus that causes COVID-19
  • MicroGold® All-Purpose Cleaner kills 99.9% of bacteria, and it kills cold and flu viruses
  • Typical all-purpose cleaners only clean; standard disinfects only disinfect – MicroGold® All-Purpose Cleaner does both
  • Killing common household, bathroom and kitchen bacteria, it is ideal for cleaning and  disinfecting any hard, non-porous surface.
  • It can be used on countertops, including sealed stone like sealed granite
  1. Clean, Seal and Polish Your Natural Stone Countertops

Granite Gold Cleaner, Sealer and Polish:

  • Family run business is the 3rd generation of stone care fabricators, installers and restoration experts
  • Granite Gold has been around nearly 20 years – the only stone care brand born out of the stone industry
  • Full line of stone care products available at major retailers across the country
  1. MicroGold Family of Products:
    • MicroGold Multi-Action Disinfectant Antimicrobial Spray offers long-terms protection for your home’s hard, non-porous surfaces.
    • An alcohol-free waterless hand soap from MicroGold is the perfect sanitizer to keep your hands clean and moisturized on the go.
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