Alternative, Indie rock group Hounds perform

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Hounds is an alternative, indie rock group based in St. Louis, Missouri.  Known for intricate harmonies and psychedelic tendencies, Hounds is the product of songwriter Jordan Slone (vocals/guitar), Jack McCoy (bass/vocals) and Logan Mohler (drums/vocals). After years performing together as Clockwork, the band has a revised lineup, a renewed focus and an exciting new sound, which is represented in their self-titled debut album, released in Fall 2017.

The 13-song album is a departure from the band’s previous releases as Clockwork. “To me the album represents a change,” explained Slone. 

Serving as the album’s producers, Hounds were afforded the opportunity to take a very bold, albeit throwback, approach to recording: They recorded the album live. 

Alternative, Indie rock group Hounds perform

With inspiration from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and The Doors, Hounds manages to take sonic elements from the past and apply their unique touch, which may be most apparent in their cover of the classic Jefferson Airplane hit, White Rabbit.  

Hounds are in Indy for the sold-out Sofar Indianapolis event in a secret location in the Carmel Arts and Design District tonight, August 10th. 

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