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American Senior Communities offers information on Dementia Staging

American Senior Communities discusses Dementia Staging and why it is so important to customize care.

Stephanie Head, Rehabilitation Consultant for American Senior Communities and Mark Shoup, son of Jan Bonelli, Jan is a resident at American Village who was recently injured and went through rehabilitation at American Senior Communities talks about the importance of Dementia Staging. Mark says his mom’s situation is unique because she has dementia and loss of vision, and at American Village, she’s treated as an individual.

She is treated as an individual, and I love that. No one is cookie cutter there, they understand her, they know her, they know her by name, she’s very comfortable there, she refers to it as home, and I love that.”

Dementia Staging is an important component to their Auguste’s Cottage programming.

In general Dementia Staging is where they identify the residents strengths and abilities and customize the care to allow the residents to do what they can and we guide and support them.

So for example, the aids just don’t bathe everyone the same. Some residents might be able to bathe the full upper body and the aid may only assist with the lower half.

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The next resident might be able to only wash their face, so the aid will encourage them to still wash their own face but assist with the rest.

American Senior Communities believe in ensuring the residents do as much as possible to ensure they retain those abilities as long as possible.

While dementia staging is specific and applies to the Auguste’s Cottage program, the overall message is a great one that can apply to ANY caregiver ANYWHERE!

Sometimes out of love or because we are in a rush, we tend to over care for love ones..which then results on them being too dependent unnecessarily.

For more information about how American Senior Communities can assist you, check out their website at

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