Annessa’s Just One Thing: 2-Ingredient Healthy Snack on the go

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Hey, Registered Dietitian Annessa Chumbley here. It’s time for the health tip of the week! So it’s the time of year you might be spending a lot of time in the car or stuck in traffic, and you might get hungry, or hangry, in my case…. don’t sacrifice your health because you either don’t eat or stop at the drive through.  Keep an easy 2-ingredient snack with you to carry you over until that next meal.

Doing a combo of walnuts + dates is a perfect snack pairing. Dates are puffy, sweet, chewy and delicious, and they contain fiber to keep you feeling full. The walnuts contain healthy fats to keep you satisfied. And the two together make an awesome combo.

I know it’s an easy idea, but a lot of times its the simplest ideas that we need, right? Remember, healthy food tastes the best when you’re hungriest, so maximize on that hungry opportunity! And help yourself feel great this holiday season.

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