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Annessa’s Just One Thing: Get Your Chocolate Fix

Sometimes that sweet craving can be so strong that it is the single thing that trips you up from your health goals, and then the whole diet gets thrown out the window. So here is one simple healthy prescription to take once a day. And it’s chocolate! In its purest, original form it’s so good for you. It’s actually a bean, and that cacao bean is filled with nutrients that protect your heart. Those powerful nutrients are called flavonols. The more flavonols chocolate has in it, the darker & richer it will be. That dark chocolate may also improve learning and memory, and may help lower bad cholesterol.

So, here’s the one thing to remember! the darker the better!!! a good quality chocolate will list the % cacao, or the % of pure cocoa in it. So, the higher that percentage, the more powerful nutrients you are getting! Start at 70%, and work you way to 85%. Just trust the process. At first you might not take to dark chocolate, but give it a couple tries….your taste buds change when you introduce something new. And then you will fall in love with it.

So when you have that sweet craving, the first few seconds of it, take just one ounce of delicious dark chocolate and those rich, powerful nutrients should put a stop to that sweet craving, and give your heart protective benefits. Keep this with you!

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