Annessa’s Just One Thing: Trick to Open Pomegranates

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She has “Just One Thing” to get us healthier this week!

Registered Dietitian Annessa Chumbley says, “Sprinkle pomegranate onto just about anything. It’s filled with little seeds called arils, and they’re like their own little pockets of superfood juice. I like to say that they are good for your heart & red blood cells, and you can remember that because they look like a little red blood cell.

Pomegranate can be tricky to open, and the arils are so filled with colorful dark antioxidants, that if they burst, they will stain whatever they’re on. So I’m going to teach you a little trick. Just immerse that Pomegranate fully in water, easily pick off the seeds, and what happens is the seeds sink to the bottom, and the rest of the stuff floats to the top! When you’re done, just pour off the top, and you’ve got all the juicy pomegranates you need for the week in the bottom of the bowl.

Use these on roasted veggies, salads, morning oatmeal, into to yogurt. They give a ruby glow to any recipe and a delicious pop of flavor!  This week – use that pomegranate trick and enjoy one of the best fruits of the season. I’ll be sharing recipes on my website at”

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