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Artists Paint Rain Barrels for Water Conservation Awareness

Artists Paint Rain Barrels for Water Conservation Awareness

Bring on the rain!

On today’s Indy Style, we learn all about the Rain on Main event, which includes an art competition, online auction and chance to conserve water.

Claire Lane, Urban Conservationist at the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District, and John Thomas, Stormwater Administrator from the City of Carmel, tell us more!

• 20 rain barrels painted by local artists.
• Judged art competition with winners getting cash prizes
• People’s Choice Competition- vote for your favorite on Rain on Main Facebook page. Cash prize for winner.
• Barrels go on display along Main Street in Carmel starting Friday August 9th.
• Barrels will be at Carmel Farmers Market on Sat. August 17th.
• Online auction goes from the 9th through 11am on the 17th. See the barrels and place a bid at Rain On or you can text RAIN to 88793.
• Carmel residents can get a $50-$75 rebate for installing rain barrels at their homes— because they reduce runoff!
• Event and bidding open to everyone!

Rain barrels:
• Rain barrels capture runoff from your roof and hold it for later use.
• Water plants, garden, wash your car or dog, etc.
• Free soft water—plants love it!
• In a 1-inch rain, the average roof produces 600 gallons of runoff! Why not capture some to reuse!
• Rain barrels have the ability to save the average homeowner 1300 gallons of water, which is a lot of water that does not become runoff.
• Outdoor chores, such as watering gardens and lawns, can account for 40 percent of household water use during the summer.

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